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HUNTING CALENDAR: ELK: September 10 – November 17

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We invite you to experience the best of the outdoors. Brazos River Lodge is a wildlife paradise and offers excellent habitat for elk, deer, bear, lion, turkey, bobcat and trout. Due to the location, we have abundant rich food sources and over three miles of the Brazos River, multiple tributaries and two lakes on the property. All hunting trips are led by experienced guides; one guide per two hunters.



The elk hunting experience at Bar 5 Lodge is one of the most exclusive in the country.
Our fair-chance hunting season runs from early September through October. Our guides will ensure that your experience is an unforgettable one throughout your hunting career.

The most sought after trophy in North America is the elk, a majestic and resilient animal. Wapiti is another name for the elk, a Shawnee Indian name which never gained popularity.

Elk made a remarkable comeback from near total extinction, and Yellowstone Park enacted by congress saved the elk, reduced to a mere 400 in 1881, Yellowstone became the breeding grounds and as recovery began so did the shipping to other states to repopulate.

An elk hunt at Brazos River Ranch is a memorable experience, to say the least, during the September and October ruts bulls bugling echoes throughout the forest and ridge tops, a message of challenge and assertion as they seek out the cows, the rest of the year they don’t utter a sound. During the rut a bull elk is in his prime antlers polished sharp and fully grown, neck swollen from being engorged with blood and remain swollen for about two months.

The most polygamous of the deer family is the elk, it is not unusual to see a bull with twenty to thirty cows. Elk have thirty-four teeth, twelve molars, twelve pre-molars, eight incisors and two ivory-like canines which were highly prized by the Indians and used in making jewelry. Thousands of elk were killed mainly for those canines until this practice was outlawed.

Elk meat is palatable, dark and similar to beef in taste, hundreds of tons reach the dinner tables of sportsmen every year.



This pristine ranch offers opportunities to fly fish over 3.7 miles of high alpine meadows perfectly suited for both the beginner and experienced angler. Brazos River Lodge joins the Carson National Forest and Cruces Basin Wilderness making a front yard of 354,000 acres uninhabited timberland, sitting on top of a high plateau from 8,000 to nearly 11,000 feet in elevation. Open meadows, rich in wild flowers, are interspersed with stands of pine, spruce, fir and aspen. This ranch offers fly fishing enthusiasts access to the best water in the headwaters of the legendary Brazos River. The river is famous for producing record class wild brook trout, rainbows, cuttbows and cutthroat trout.

In Ti Piper's book, Fishing in New Mexico, he says, "...In The Brazos box, above Corkin's Lodge and the Brazos River meadows, in the high country, offers fantastic wild trout fishing all on private land. There are browns, brook trout, rainbows and cutthroats in the headwater creeks. In terms of wild populations of naturally reproducing trout, the upper Brazos nurtures the best trout fishery in the state, all on private land."